From problem to solution – Baltic Sea algae refined into bio-based raw material for hygiene and cleaning products

From problem to solution – Baltic Sea algae refined into bio-based raw material for hygiene and cleaning products

Origin by Ocean is tackling the Baltic Sea eutrophication problem with an innovative solution. The company wants to refine algae into bio-based raw materials that can be used in novel ways in detergent products and cosmetics.

Today Kiilto, which is aiming to become an environmental forerunner in its sector, and Origin by Ocean will publish their statement of intent to utilise Origin by Ocean products in Kiilto’s product development. Both companies have strong belief in the future of hygiene and cleaning products that are bio-based and fulfil the requirements of sustainable development. The plan is to launch entirely new and versatile products that include ingredients refined by Origin by Ocean from Baltic Sea algae.

“Origin by Ocean is a startup with an innovative and responsible business idea. We aim to double the amount of secondary raw materials in our production by 2022, so from a product development viewpoint cooperation like this, which is opening up entirely new avenues, is extremely interesting and inspiring,” says Kiilto’s RDI Director Oili Kallatsa.

“This partnership with Kiilto is entirely new for us and proof of how well our offering suits hygiene and cleaning products, among others. Demand for bio-based raw materials for such products is growing steadily around the world. Kiilto’s strong commitment to sustainable development and the environment is an excellent starting point for our cooperation. Kiilto is continuously launching new products that are more environmentally friendly than before. This is our opportunity to work together with a big player and provide everyone living around the Baltic Sea with the benefits of the circular economy. Hopefully, we’ll soon be doing the Baltic Sea a favour when doing the dishes with Kiilto detergent,” says Origin by Ocean’s founding member, Chief Business Activist Mikael Westerlund.

“We at Kiilto Ventures are continuously seeking ambitious and creative partners that share our values. We believe that, with our long experience and networks, we are in a good position to develop Origin by Ocean’s operations in terms of product development and otherwise,” says Kiilto’s Chief Business Development Officer Ville Solja.